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Teleportation was a strange thing. It was like your body was both exploding and imploding at the same time and, for just a fraction of a second, you felt like you were going to die. Sunset Shimmer could still remember the first time she'd done it. That familiar aura of teal magic surrounded her horn, her eyes squeezed shut in concentration as she thought about where she was and where she wanted to end up, then POP! As the years passed and she grew more adept at her craft, that dying feeling registered less and less until she didn't even feel it anymore. She was always aware of what was happening and was prepared for it. When the POP! happened this time, however, the teleportation had not been of her own volition and she felt, for just a second, she was going to die.

Reappearing among the stars didn't help convince her otherwise.

Above, all around, and below, space was her only companion. Sunset lifted her hooves, one by one to try and see what ground she stood on that felt so solid, but there was nothing. She had just been with Twilight and the others, had just given Scribes a hug. Yet in the blink of an eye, here she was...dead?

“Hello?” She felt ridiculous, calling out into the void with a tremble in her voice. Any other pony might have cried at the prospect of their life being over, but she was more curious than anything, and maybe a little annoyed.

“Sunset Shimmer.”

The familiar commanding voice behind her made the unicorn freeze. Her pulse raced and her breathing grew a touch more rapid. This was a moment she had dreamed about, had even scripted out in several different ways in her mind since the true moment of her redemption. Yet in all those imaginary moments she had never pictured meeting Princess Celestia again like this, in the after life. With a deep, calming breath in, the amber unicorn slowly turned around. Her ears drooped and her head was lowered, so many emotions flooding through her. She couldn't bear to look up into the alicorn's face, even when she noticed another set of hooves beside Celestia's and realized Luna was there as well.

Swallowing hard, she tried to push down the regret and shame she felt in the presence of the one she had betrayed so long ago. There was an urge to throw herself at Celestia's hooves and beg for forgiveness, but as Sunset Shimmer lifted her head to look upon the tall alicorn, she was rendered motionless. Though Celestia's expression was fairly unreadable, her purple eyes watched Sunset with a stern detachment that made the unicorn feel two inches tall before her.

“Princess Celestia...” Even saying her name made her feel like a foal, one who had done far too many terrible things and would never have a way to atone for them all. She dipped her head again and closed her eyes. There was so much she wanted to say, but for a moment all she could offer was a choked, “I'm so sorry.” She took another shuddering breath in and opened her eyes to look at her hooves. “When I first came to Canterlot and you took me under your wing, I was in this constant state of shock. I was just some forgotten filly from an orphanage who had never had anyone look at her the way you looked at me. It was like you were proud of me before I even had a chance to do anything. I never told you because it was so embarrassing, but...” She swallowed hard, tears prickling her eyes. “...I thought of you like the mother I never got to have. I wanted to be worthy of the pride you showed in me, the time and effort you put into teaching me and guiding me. I wanted to prove to you that I could be great, and somewhere along the line I got confused. I started feeling what it was like to be powerful and great, and I stopped pretending I was your daughter. I started pretending I was you, instead. When you refused to tell me about the mirror and I -”

“That's enough.”

Startled to silence, Sunset finally looked up. The sternness was gone from Celestia's eyes, replaced with a tenderness she recognized from years ago. “Oh, Sunset Shimmer...” The alicorn closed the distance between them and grabbed the smaller unicorn in a foreleg, embracing her tightly. “Welcome home.”

She didn't know it, but those two words were the only things she had wanted to hear since she was a small filly. The tears that had been threatening to come now fell freely. She wrapped her forelegs around Celestia's neck and cried into her withers, unashamed. “I'm sorry,” she sobbed. “I'm so sorry.”

“Shhh,” soothed Celestia, nuzzling the side of her head. “I forgive you.” The alicorn sat so she could properly embrace Sunset Shimmer, running a hoof over her mane to comfort her as Sunset always imagined a real mother would. “I have missed you.” Sunset only clung tighter to her and Luna, standing by as a silent observer, reached up to wipe a tear of her own away.

“There have been many students of mine over the years,” Celestia said after a moment, when Sunset had begun to calm. She pulled back from the unicorn so they could look at each other as she spoke. “All of them before you and yes, even the one who came after you, took pieces of my heart...but none ever made me wish for a daughter as you did.”

It was all she could have ever asked for. Celestia didn't need to say she pretended Sunset was her own; in the unicorn's heart, what was spoken was more than enough.

“I thought you would never speak to me again,” Sunset confessed, sitting back on her haunches and wiping the remnants of her tears away. “When I came through the mirror and saw Twilight and Princess Luna, I thought...”

“I was biding my time,” the princess replied softly. She beckoned to Luna and the smaller alicorn joined them. “Just as my sister is able to travel through the dreams of ponies as they sleep, I, too, have the unique ability to wander through daydreams.”

Luna chuckled. “So many ponies think we see the future, but all we really see is the heart of a pony in what comes to fruition in their thoughts when they are unguarded.”

“I did not come to greet you,” Celestia continued, “because I wanted to make sure your intentions were true.” She gave a sad smile. “I may be old, but I am not above avoiding pain. You broke my heart when you left and I did not want to go through that again if I could avoid it. So I waited and I watched. I knew you were disappointed at not seeing me, but I never dreamed it would plant the seed of self-loathing it did. I am truly sorry. Please forgive me for not coming to you sooner.”

Sunset glanced from one princess to the other, her brows drawn together. “I don't understand. I mean, I understand what you did and why...but why apologize to me after everything I've done – not only here, but in the human world, too? I know Twilight must have told you what happened. You shouldn't have to apologize to me for anything. My track record is ten times worse than you taking caution.”

“Perhaps,” Celestia conceded, “but you have changed, Sunset. I could sense it from the moment you arrived in Ponyville. Even now as you stand before me, there is a humility in you that I only witnessed your first days in Canterlot when you were small, a grace and genuine thought for others that I never would have expected.”

“We watched you closely this week,” continued Luna. “Confronting all of your past mistakes was not easy. In fact, some days it would appear that your heart had been crushed just learning the effect your actions had on some ponies. Yet you did not stop. If anything, you grew more determined to make things right, and to teach others the importance of honesty, integrity, graciousness, humility, and most important of all, forgiveness when all of those things fail.”

“You also helped Scribes see how a grudge can turn into something ugly and poisonous if it is left unaddressed.” Both of the alicorns watched Sunset with warmth and pride. Rising, Celestia and Luna shared a look before the older alicorn addressed Sunset Shimmer again. “We were secretive, and in that we hurt you.” She tilted her head in question. “Can you forgive us?”

Feeling a bit foolish at having not one, but two princess ask her for forgiveness, Sunset shook her head with a little laugh. “Of course I forgive you.”

It was happening again – she was dying. Only this time she wasn't being teleported anywhere. Magic surged through her so quickly and so powerful that she was lifted from the invisible ground she stood on. She flung her legs out from her body, her head drawing back in a silent scream. The pain had come and gone quickly, but the power that electrified every cell of her body gave her an odd sensation of being on fire; it was intense heat but there was no burning. Opening her eyes, she saw flames flickering as they rose off her extended forelegs, her legs, her entire body. A light grew around her so bright and intense that she thought it might blind her. Then, in a grand rush of magic, the light puled from her in a powerful wave and she fell back to the ground. Exhaustion fell on her like a heavy winter blanket and she lay there for a moment, a crumpled heap of confusion. Yet as quickly as she'd felt drained, the exhaustion was passing with each second.

“What...what was what?” She'd found her voice and shook her head as she rose, trying to clear the residual fuzziness in her brain. As she shook, however, something felt different, as if something rested on her back. Looking behind her, she saw fiery wings where there had been none before, silky plumage that ran from red, to orange, to yellow. Sunset gasped and turned in a tight circle as if she could get a better look at them, but just like a cat chasing its tail, she couldn't catch what went with her every movement. “Wings?” she gasped, flexing them to look at the colors and the feathers that were so different from other unicorn wings, even those that the princesses had. Turning to Celestia and Luna with urgency, she cried, “I don't understand.”

“I always knew there was something special about you,” Celestia beamed. “With your coloring and your spark, you always did remind me of a phoenix.”

“There is no better pony to represent the spirit of such a creature,” Luna agreed.

Celestia couldn't have looked more proud if she truly had been a mother watching her own daughter. “Sunset Shimmer, you embody what it is to rise from the ashes of a broken life and begin anew. You are the princess of redemption and second chances. You, my dear, are the Princess of Forgiveness.”

Sunset's pupils shrank to pinpricks. “I'm what?!”

Luna laughed. “Please do not worry about your wings. They will only appear this way when you are accessing the full extent of your power. Otherwise, they will appear as simple young alicorn wings like my own, and like Twilight Sparkle's.”

Celestia touched a hoof under Sunset's chin. “This is what you were always meant to be, but in order to get here, you had to go through many trials. I see how strong they have made you, and I am so proud.”

Sunset looked up at Celestia with uncertainty. “Do you really think I can be a princess? Do you really think I can help others?”

“You already have,” promised Celestia. “Look.”

All around them, space parted to reveal little windows into everyday Ponyville. Each scene that was being played out showed just how much of an impact Sunset had been. Arguments were being diffused, kind words were being shared, hugs and laughter were given with much more open hearts. “I did this?”

“And so much more. What you see here is only the initial wave from a stone dropped in the water. The ripple effects that come after because of it will spread and grow.” Celestia looked at Sunset Shimmer once more. “This is your destiny.”

Even as the words were spoken, she somehow knew Celestia was right. Doubt was being replaced with certainty, nervousness with excitement.

“There is a condition to your new status,” injected Luna. “You must make a choice: stay here as a princess or return to the human world and return to the girl you have become. Only know this – whatever choice you make, it will be permanent.”

Sunset's ears dropped. “You mean...I won't be able to see my friends again? Whichever way I choose?”

“The mirror only remained open for you,” Celestia told her. “If you choose to stay, there is no need of it. But if you choose to go back, you have no more need of us and therefore no more need of the mirror.”

Sunset looked at the scenes still being played out all around her. She took a moment to watch each one, to really understand what was going on and to let the gravity of it all sink in. Looking down, she thought about all her friends still waiting for her back at CHS, how they had all been there for her and helped her grow in the past year. She replayed memories of times they'd shared together, and memories that she would have rather forgotten. But Celestia was right. She had to be refined in fire before she could have ever come to the place she was now.

Raising her head, she looked at both Luna and Celestia with determination. “I know what I have to do.”


“How can a pony just disappear?” Rainbow Dash cried. “Are you sure she didn't teleport somewhere?”

Scribes and the mane six were gathered outside of Twilight's castle, all of them regrouping after running across nearly all of Ponyville in search of Sunset Shimmer. Scribes shook her head in answer to Rainbow's question, her brow wrinkled in worry. “Yes! I told you, we were talking and all of the sudden she was surrounded in this golden magical aura. Sunny's magic is teal, not gold. She was teleported away by somepony else!”

“Well who the hay do we know that has gold magic?” Applejack demanded.

All of them started talking at once, each pony with her own theory. Finally, Twilight raised her head above the crowd and shouted, “QUIET!” All the commotion died and every head turned in her direction. “Princess Celestia! She's the only pony I know who has a pure gold magic aura.”

“But why would the princess kidnap Sunset Shimmer?” asked Pinkie.

“I don't think she kidnapped her, Pinkie. There must be a reason she wanted to talk to Sunset.” Twilight tapped her chin with her hoof. “I wonder if her time here in Ponyville is done.”

Scribes looked down. “That's what I was afraid of.”

“Look!” All attention fell on Fluttershy at her quiet exclamation, then turned in the direction she was pointing. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were approaching from above. As they landed, everypony but Twilight bowed in greeting.

“Princess Luna!” exclaimed Twilight, rushing forward. “Princess Celestia! We were just talking about you!”

“Do you know where Sunny is?”

Scribes rushed forward, her concern over her friend far outweighing the need for propriety. It made Celestia smile kindly down at the pegasus. “You and Sunset Shimmer have become rather good friends, haven't you?”

Color flooded her cheeks. “She's my best friend. I guess she's become the sister I never knew I always wanted.”

“I am certain she think of you in the same regard,” Luna assured.

“Is she okay?”

The sisters shared a smile before looking to the sun high above them. “See for yourself,” said Celestia.

All of them turned to look at the sun as well. On any normal day it was too bright to look at, but this time the sun seemed to be getting brighter and closer, its outside edges seemingly on fire. All at once the light got too bright for even the princesses to stand, and all of them had to turn away. In a flash the light was gone, and everyone looked to see Sunset Shimmer standing among them.

“Sunny!” Scribes flung herself at her friend in a tackling hug. Sunset laughed and returned the embrace, but it wasn't long before Scribes gasped and let go of her. “Are those...phoenix wings?” All the other ponies gathered in close to examine Sunset as well, questions coming every which way as they beheld the new alicorn among them. With a nod from Celestia, Sunset concentrated on her own power, reining it in and causing the wings on her back to transform into those the likes of Luna's and Twilight's, a solid amber in color like her coat.

“What does this mean?” asked Twilight, looking to Celestia and Luna.

Celestia looked fondly on her old student. “It means that Sunset Shimmer will remain among us and will take on the role as Princess of Forgiveness.”

Cheers went up all around, though none so loud as the one that came from Scribes. “Are you really staying?”

Sunset laughed. “Looks like you're stuck with me.”

“You can stay with me and Gallifrey as long as you want.”

This made the alicorn laugh again. “That's good, because right now I'm kind of homeless.”

Twilight bounced in glee. “This is so exciting! Friendship and forgiveness go hand in hand more than you think. I see us working together plenty in the future.”

“I don't doubt that.” She grinned at Twilight. “Thank you for everything you've done for me, Twilight. Without you, the book, the mirror...”

Twilight waved a hoof, bashful. “Aw, it was nothing.”

“Speaking of the mirror...” Sunset let out a slow breath. “It's time to close the permanent opening you set up. Every thirty moons it will still open on its own, but we don't need it anymore.” She glanced at Celestia with a smile. “It belongs to the princess and I think it should go back to her rooms at Canterlot.”

Twilight nodded her agreement. “I think that's a good idea.”

Sunset's gaze slid to Scribes. “Before we do that, though, one more trip there and back again needs to happen.”

Scribes blinked and looked around, then gulped and pointed at herself. “Me? Why are you looking at me?”

“Because. There's a very special mission that needs to be fulfilled and I can't do it. I know there are plenty of other ponies I could pick, but I think you should be the one to do it, Scribes. Besides, didn't you say you've always wanted to see the human world?”


Scribes fell through the portal in an ungraceful heap. Her blue, silver, and white hair was long and held back at the sides with two blue ribbons, just as it had been when she was a pony. As she righted herself, she looked at her hands and wiggled her fingers, then examined the pink tank top, denim shorts and hightop sneakers she wore. A scream of sheer joy rose in her throat, but as of yet she hadn't been noticed and it needed to remain that way.

She'd been given instruction from both Sunset and Twilight before stepping through, how to move her limbs, how to act around the people she would surely come across. All of it repeated itself over and over in her head as she pulled her legs underneath herself and stood, shaky, to get her bearings. Taking a few steps, Scribes found it wasn't too hard to get the hang of things. She'd walked around a few times on her hind legs, trying to imagine how humans felt walking that way. The school was behind her, just as big and grand as it had been described to her. Everything in her wanted to run through those doors and explore. Despite her mission, she might have done just that if it wasn't closed for the summer.

With a breath in, she pulled a small scroll free that had been tucked into one of her ribbons. They were directions to a particular place and Scribes had something of a speech to deliver when she got there. Scroll in hand, she started down the street. There were people around here and there and they all distracted her as she went along. She would slow when she saw them, careful to watch the way they walked or interacted with the people and things around them. Everything she saw was going in her book. It was an opportunity she would never get again, and one she would always be grateful for, despite her real reason for being there.

Several times she had to stop and read her scroll, hoping she wasn't lost. The sun was slowly sinking behind the horizon and she wasn't sure if she could find the place in the dark. As it was, she was going to have to find her way back to the school after the sun set. There were only two more streets to go, however, and soon enough, Scribes had found the house she was looking for.

It was nothing fancy, a small home with a tiny porch and a red front door, just as Sunset described. Scribes took a deep breath and clenched her scroll. Suddenly she was nervous. “You've got this, Scribes. You have to do this for Sunny. For both Sunnys.” One more deep, steady breath, and she moved forward to knock on the door. It was only a matter of moments before a woman answered. She was tall with blue skin, her hair white and yellow, and her tired eyes blue. She looked at Scribes with reserved curiosity. “Hello, dear. May I help you?”

“Hello, ma'am. I was wondering if Sunset Shimmer was home.”

The confusion on the woman's face deepened. “May I ask who's inquiring?”

“I'm a friend. We haven't actually met in person before.” She recited the lines Sunset had fed her before her departure. “We met online. Tell her it's Daydream.”

The woman backed inside and said, “Wait right there.” Scribes did as she was told, rocking on the balls of her feet as she looked around. The neighborhood seemed nice, and the lady at the door was polite enough. She knew the situation wasn't ideal, but it could have been much worse. Soon enough the door opened again and the woman beckoned her in. “Her room is up the stairs, the door at the end of the hallway.”

“Thank you very much.” Scribes gave her a smile, hoping to convey that she wasn't dangerous or weird. Well, maybe a little weird, but she didn't have to know that.  Taking the stairs as indicated, she looked at the pictures that were nailed to the walls as she ascended. So many kids and all the same woman! No wonder she looked so tired. There was only one picture that made her pause and it was only because she saw the familiar red and yellow hair. The Sunset Shimmer in the picture was downcast, her arms around herself as though she had to protect herself. It made Scribes sad to see her that way, but only further impressed upon her the importance of her being there. She pressed on and knocked when she reached the door at the end of the hallway.

“Come in.”

The voice was as familiar is if it had been the Sunset Shimmer she knew, giving Scribes a boost of confidence. She entered the room with a ready smile on her face, but stopped in the doorway when she saw the room. She didn't know what to expect, but to see walls so bare, no pictures, no tear outs from magazines or was depressing. There was only a single bed, a dresser, a night stand, and a computer desk, no other decorations whatsoever. Sitting at the desk was a girl in a black t-shirt and jeans, her red and yellow hair pulled up into a ponytail at the top of her head. She swiveled in her chair as Scribes came in, then ran to shut the door behind her. Staring at Scribes, Sunset looked her over with scrutiny. “Daydream? Is it really you?”

Scribes bit her lip and twisted her fingers. “ But I know Daydream. She's actually the one who sent me here.”

Sunset returned to her desk chair and sat with a frown. “What are you talking about? How do you know her?”

Scribes crossed the room to sit on the bed, placing her hands in her lap. “We know each other in real life. She said you two met over the...internet?” She still didn't understand what that was, but Sunset Shimmer nodded, giving Scribes a bit of relief. “Have you been friends long?”

“Not that long. We met on this forum I go on sometimes.” Sunset picked at an invisible string on her jeans. “I have social anxiety issues because I was bullied as a kid. That's why I'm home schooled now. Anyway, I found this group of people online who were going through the same thing. Daydream randomly messaged me there one day last year. She was super nice and really encouraging. She's kind of my only friend and we talk a lot. Except this week she hasn't replied to any of my messages.”

Scribes sighed. “Unfortunately, she won't be responding anymore.”

Sunset's eyes snapped up. “Why? Is she okay?”

“Oh goodness, yes! She's fine. I'm so sorry, I could have worded that better. She's good. Great, actually. She was sort of in a similar situation to you, looking for her real family.”

“She told you about that?”

Scribes nodded. “Please don't be angry with her.”

“Whatever. So why isn't she going to be online anymore?”

“Well...” Scribes gave a little shrug, her smile wistful. “She found her family. She found where home was.”

Sunset nodded, a bitter smile crossing her lips. “Well good for her.”

“There's more.”

“Isn't there always?”

“She said a few years ago you had a dream – a nightmare, really – that another you came into your room one night. She told you all these terrible things about no one at school liking you and kids just waiting to torture you.”

Sunset nodded again. “That was when I quit school and begged my foster mom to home school me. I got so nervous about going to actual school that I made myself sick. Some days I couldn't even get out of bed, I was so afraid of what I would find if I faced everyone.”

“I'm so sorry,” Scribes breathed. “I have anxiety, too. I know how awful it is. For a long time I let it keep me in my house, kind of like you. But then I met Sun...Daydream. She helped me see that great friends can make all the difference in the world.”

“Too bad I don't have any.”

“But you could.” Sunset gave Scribes a queer look, prompting the younger girl to continue. “If you go to CHS for your last year of high school, Daydream said there are kids there who will welcome you with open hooves.” She coughed and gave a nervous laugh. “Arms. I don't know why I said hooves. Crazy!”

Sunset shook her head and rose from her chair to pace to the single window in her room and look outside. “What's crazy is thinking I could have friends. No one wants to hang around with me. I'm a loser.”

Scribes felt her heart break. “No you're not. You're smart, and funny, and considerate. Anyone would be lucky to call you a friend.”

“How would you know anything about me?”

Standing now herself, Scribes sighed. “You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Do you trust Daydream?”

Sunset considered a moment before finally nodding. “Yeah.”

“Then trust her now. Go to CHS next year. There will be girls your age just waiting to be your friend, even a trio of younger kids who will really look up to you. No one is waiting to torture you, no one at all.” Scribes bit her lip, thinking of the look of shame on Sunset Shimmer's face before Scribes left, telling her of how she was the one who convinced this world's Sunset that she had to stay away from school and people, and then how she's tried to fix it by finding the girl online and befriending her. Now she was making it right, and filling a hole her friends would likely feel with her absence. “I can't stay much longer, but I can't leave until I know you'll give it a try. Daydream would be devastated if she knew you weren't going to at least try.”

With her eyes out the window, Sunset looked sad. “I don't know. I'm...I'm scared.”

Scribes wrinkled her nose, thinking. Her eyes went to the computer and an idea  made her light up. “That internet thingy! Can you find people on it?”


“Look up Scribes. I don't know if she goes to CHS or that other school...”

“Crystal Prep?”

“Yes! Anyway, look her up. She's a lot like you, I'd bet anything on it. Socially awkward, nervous...a bit of a book worm and a nerd, but I just know you two will be the best of friends. Will you do that, at least?”

Sunset hesitated, but finally gave a slow nod. “Yeah, I can do that.”

Happy with the small amount of progress, Scribes grinned. “You're about to turn a whole new chapter in your life, Sunny. I can feel it.”

An amused smirk finally lifted the corners of the dower girl's lips. “Sunny?”

Scribes laughed again, nervous. “Sorry.”

“No, it's cool...I kind of like it.” Sunset's brows came together. “Do you really have to go?”

“I wish I didn't but I do. Promise me you'll try to find Scribes?”

She nodded. “I will. Promise.”

Scribes bit her lip again. “Can I hug you?”

Breaking the tension, Sunset laugh and opened her arms. “Bring it in.” It was all the encouragement Scribes needed. She rushed forward and embraced the older girl, savoring the interaction and realizing how much closer she could be to someone else as a human. “I don't know who you are,” Sunset murmured in her ear, “but thank you.”

Scribes pulled back and held her at arm's length. “Never let anypony tell you or make you feel that you are less than. Remember to practice humility and kindness. Most importantly, never withhold forgiveness from others, but especially from yourself. You deserve second chances and your real friends, when you make them as you are most certain to, will never hesitate to give them to you.”

Now it was Sunset's turn to laugh nervously. “Anypony?”

Scribes chuckled. “Like I said...crazy!” She dropped her arms but gave Sunset's hand a quick squeeze. “Be well, Sunny. Don't deny anyone the gift of your friendship any more, okay?”

“I'll try not to.” The older girl watched Scribes cross the room and Scribes knew, when she looked back, she was feeling the same sense of loss. But both of them would be in friendship with one another again, just not in the same world.

There was a certain lightness to her steps as Scribes left the house. She looked up as she walked down the street to find Sunset leaning out her window, the summer breeze in her hair and a smile on her face. “See you soon, Sunny,” Scribes whispered. Knowing her mission was done and her new friends were waiting for her at home, she broke into a run, excited to get back to Ponyville and begin her own new chapter.
And with that, the end of my fanfic writing career is upon us. I know this last chapter is not my best writing; I felt that I was reading it over. But honestly, this was a really emotional thing for me to finish. I have such a love of the friendship bond between Scribes and Sunset, as well as the mother/daughter relationship I've always envisioned for Celestia and Sunset. And now I'm saying goodbye to all of it.

Part One:…
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The positive note is that you will no longer have to wait endlessly for updates from me. Oh, and if you want to keep reading my writing, you can always buy the first two novels in my Age of Valor series!
Portmeirion Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2016  Student Writer
That was a lovely, touching conclusion, especially the final scene. I can't imagine what you mean when you say this last chapter is not your best writing.

I'll miss reading new pony stories from you, like I said. But if they had to end, this was a beautiful note to end on.
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Thank you for always being such a source of support. I have very much appreciated you over the years!
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