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Hey there, friends! This is just a quick update to let you know that I will no longer be updating this page. I've started a new one that will be solely dedicated to current and upcoming works of literature, as well as crafts and art pieces that are related to them. I thought of just cleaning out this page but decided not to because there are quite a few things here that I don't want to lose. If you want to join me over at authordemorris then by all means, come with me! You'll get access to side stories that won't be in any of the novels, back stories, and artwork done by myself and others. Looking forward to seeing you over there!
Hey, all! So, I know I've been really silent on here, but I've got good things brewing and they've been keeping me busy. The third book in my Age of Valor series is coming out next month, and I have another new stand-alone novel coming out at the end of the year. I wanted to give you the heads up that I won't be around here much anymore since fanfics and art have had to be put on the back burner. I have a busy signing season coming up, with at least one signing happening each month from May through September. If you're on Facebook and want to keep up with where I am and what I'm doing, please follow my page over there, and keep in touch! I've met so many awesome people through this site, and I'd hate to lose contact.

Asking for help! I'm working on the first draft of a new novel and the content is a little out of my wheelhouse. This novel is a modern stand-alone, having nothing to do with my Age of Valor series. This novel centers around a young man who has struggled with pills and alcohol for years.

Because I've never dealt with alcoholism or being addicted to pills, I'm writing based off lots of things I've read online. If any one of my followers has ever known someone who dealt with coming off of either of these, or you have yourself and would be willing to talk to me about it, I would love a note from you. I realize this is a delicate thing to discuss, but anything said would be held in the strictest confidentiality and no one else but you or I would even know we were speaking about this. If you would be willing and could engage in a dialogue without being triggered by the conversation, please do send me a private message. And thank you in advance.
So my characters have their own blog now. Sort of. Stranger in a Strange Land
Just a reminder to anyone who's read "Awakening" (or even "Heritage"), if you wouldn't mind taking the time time leave a review on the Amazon page or the Goodreads page, I would greatly appreciate it. Reviews help me know how well the book is received, a bit more about the audience it is reaching, and in general, helps boost my confidence...if it's a good review. :D Thank you to all who have written reviews and plan on doing so in the future! I greatly appreciate it!
The Kindle edition of "Heritage," the first novel in my "Age of Valor" series, is available FOR FREE for today only! Well, technically I think it's going to be free until about 11 am EST tomorrow. BUT ANYWAY! If you haven't read it (or haven't read the second edition with added and extended scenes) this is a great opportunity for you! Spread the news, get addicted, and make sure you get your copy of "Awakening," book number two in the series. Once again, I would greatly appreciate reviews on Amazon. Reviews are the lifeblood of any author so anyone willing to contribute gets a great big virtual hug.

What are you waiting for? Go download and get reading!…
Hello friends! Sorry I have been so silent these past few...well...months. I promise it is with good reason. I have been working my butt off on the second book in my Age of Valor series, and today it has been released!…

Please go check it out if you've read the first book, (Kindle edition will be available by the end of the week) and if you haven't read that one yet, get it here!…

I'm so super excited to finally be able to announce this. Now that I have a small break, I will be getting back into customs/commissions, and finishing up those hanging fanfctions. And, of course, working on new books to be published.

WOO HOO!!!!!!
I am so excited to be able to announce a reveal date for the cover of the second book in my "Age of Valor" series, "Awakening." As before, I was privileged to have the amazing artist megatruh work with me to bring one of the most powerful scenes in the book to life. I will not be submitting it here because it is not my artwork, so if you want to get a peek at it, be sure to like/follow the Facebook page to keep in the loop. The cover will be revealed 2/1!

A year ago today, my dream of becoming a published author came true when "Heritage" was released. The reaction from fans - and how many fans it has gathered - has been overwhelmingly crazy to me at times, but it has also been incredibly fulfilling. With five more books in this series to come (and other books in the works) I am so excited to see what comes in the future. Thank you all for joining me on this ride.

I know I projected a December release for book two, "Awakening," but it seems we are now looking at a potential February release. Stay tuned. Also, the audio drama of "Heritage" is still happening. All of the actors have been exceedingly patient during this process, even when it seemed the project would be canceled for lack of a narrator, but things are looking up in that area.

2016 is going to be a very big year for "Age of Valor" with signings and appearances already in the works and scheduled, and I am excited to be sharing this dream with all of you. Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. Have a blessed Christmas, and I'll talk to you all in the new year!

After a lengthy wait, the second edition of “Age of Valor: Heritage” is now up for sale on Amazon! I had hoped to give everyone a code for a certain percentage off but it won’t let me do it for some reason. So here is what I am going to do - for everyone who wants to order this second edition, all you need to do is send me a private message and let me know your email so I can send you an invoice for the book. I will then order it myself and sign the book, then send it to you directly.

If you’re wondering if it may be worth buying again, let me tell you that it is. In this second edition, amid massive edits and continuity checks, there are extended scenes between several major characters, some changed scenes, and two completely new scenes that no one but my editor has seen before, even the voice actors for the audio drama of this first book in the series.

So if you’re interested in purchasing this second edition, complete with personal greeting and free shipping to you, please drop me a message. This offer is only good until the 6th of November, then I will be ordering all the books to sign and send out.…

Who should get an extra scene?

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 12, 2015, 4:03 PM
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All right followers! The second edition of "Heritage" is getting closer to being released with certain scenes extended. I also promised an extra scene but I want some feedback from all of you who have read the book. If there was anyone you would like to see more of, who would you choose to see in an extra scene? Check out the poll and cast your vote, and if you choose "Other" be sure to leave a comment below to tell me who you're thinking of.…


Journal Entry: Thu Aug 13, 2015, 1:40 PM
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I am so happy to be able to post this link! It's been long in coming but here it is for your listening pleasure, a new teaser clip for the audio version of my book "Age of Valor: Heritage."…

Weekend Update

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 8, 2015, 6:50 AM
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Hello my lovely followers! It's been some time since I've given a real update and I figured it was about time to do one of those. There have been several new people following me lately *waves* and I just want to keep everyone up to speed on where I am.

Pony Stuff

For awhile I was getting away from pony stuff all together and for those of you who followed me during that period, you may be disappointed in the near future. I've been working on a lot of older pony art lately and studying the art of people whose styles I love the most, and I think I've finally found one I am comfortable with and that I love. So expect more pony art in the future.

Customs are still happening. Hopefully they'll be picking back up again soon because I am...a big life change is coming that I can't openly discuss yet but I'mma need to be scrimping and saving every penny I can get my hands on. So if you want to commission me or know anyone who may be interested in doing so, I am very open for commissions.

Age of Valor Stuff

I'm still doing art for my characters! My human art is still lacking but the more I practice, the better I feel with it. The last Elemental I have to work on is Nealie and once she's done I'm going to be switching up my style again and drawing the secondary and background characters, hopefully getting more comfortable with backgrounds and things. I really want to do couples portraits but we shall see. I'm still so new to this drawing thing and just not that great at it. I don't want to do an injustice to these characters by drawing them poorly.

Book two is at editor number two! I have three editors I am going through from now on: One for grammar, one for plot, and one for the overall thing. Book one is actually going through editor number three right now and she's found a lot that needs to be changed so it is going to be re-released with an extra scene or two hopefully in September or October. Book two (I am hoping) has a tentative release date of December. Which means I have to hurry up and come up with a cover art concept to get to megatruh because she did an amazing job with the cover for book one and I can't picture anyone else doing book two.

The audio drama has come across several large hiccups but it back in production once more. If you follow the Age of Valor Facebook page you will be treated to a new sneak peek next week!

Paintings and other misc. items

I'll be posting more pictures of my acrylic paintings as they are completed. I'm taking some online courses and hoping to better my skill there. I may open an etsy shop up again to try and sell some. My problem is I fall in love with nearly everything I paint and don't want it to leave my house! But as I said, I really need to scrimp and save so we shall see.

Random writings have come to a complete halt. I had someone ask me the other day when I was going to post another short story or prompt with original characters and I pretty much said not for a long while. Honestly, other than my Sunset Shimmer fic, all of my writing energy is going into the books I'm writing to publish. Besides book two in the AoV series I'm working on three other books as well: a standalone supernatural, a standalone slice of life/romance, and the first book in a Sci-fi trilogy. So I'm busy busy!

So that's what's up in my artistic life. Leave me comments to reply to, send me notes. I love talking to you guys.

Wishing you all creativity!

So I read the synopsis for the newest MLP episode and got mad. Because, gosh darn it, I had the idea first! And I'm using it in a fic I'm writing that I've only told one person about and wasn't going to mention until it was close to being done and ready to share. But I wanted to say before the episode airs that I did not get the idea for this fic - which is based around Sunset Shimmer and not Twilight - from the episode. I had this story plotted out way before this episode synopsis was ever published.

Just saying.

Little bit of a rant on my end, partially because this was the final very thin straw on my lack of patience the last few days. It's really not something I should be even remotely bothered by but I have had a lot going on in these past two or three days alone.

Anyway. Moving on.

Happy birthday, 'Mer'ca!
So the person who was voicing one of the more major roles in the audio version of my book is no longer able to be in the project, and I am looking for new talent! Anyone interested or know of anyone who may want to audition?…

Big day tomorrow, guys! It’s the first day of the NH Renaissance Faire and the first day of my very first book signing! I’m so excited to meet those of you who are coming and just excited to be doing this in general. So excited, in fact, that I decided I needed to share the excitement (how many more times can I say that word?) and release a new sneak peek at the audio drama. Actually, I lied. I’m releasing TWO clips because they’re both so good that I couldn’t decide between the two. Also, I’m sure the actors would really like to have something they can share. Enjoy, and have a great weekend! 

Sample One features Joshua Story as Brother Briac, Ashton Samuel as Merrik, and myself as Ashlynn. You may even hear a bit of Nick Schneider in there as a breathless guard. 

Sample Two features Connor Cheely as Prince Laidley and Charlotte Poe as Princess Luella. And as always, Jon Zupan as the fabulous narrator. 

Headphones are definitely suggested for full immersion into all the sounds. 

Free to enter! Free to win!…
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I may have lost my mind. It's entirely possible. But you know what? I'm okay with it. So here's a quick explanation of what you're about to read and the reason behind it. I am selling all* my ponies and taking commissions for a crapload of stuff. Why? Because I need to raise some money to fulfill a lifelong dream. I want to get to Scotland for a vacation, for research, to meet family I've never met and see the family see if this homesickness for a place I've never even been before can be fixed or if it's time I started seriously looking into moving. But I can't get over there on my own. I live on a very limited income and it will not change unless my book suddenly takes off. See I can't work because I have some heart issues, one of them being a pulmonary aneurysm. It's pretty rare and can be serious but not something I can have surgery on at this point. It's too close to my heart to justify the risk of the surgery and it hasn't gotten all that much bigger or moved since it was discovered six years ago. Or seven? I've lost count. Anyway! Because I'm not allowed to work I literally live month to month on disability and have no room for saving. Book sales have helped but everything I've made from it is being flipped to go into promotional stuff for signings and whathaveyou. It's very frustrating. I never expected to become the next JK Rowling but I was hoping to make at least enough to get me to Scotland. And it hasn't happened. So I'm selling everything in order to try and raise the money to go. Truth is I have no idea when I'm going to kick the bucket. Could be tomorrow, could be next year, could be when I'm 80. And I don't want to sit here pining away, collecting things that I don't need and lamenting the fact that I am stuck here.

I am not stuck. I have the power to change my life and I am going to do just that. Nothing bugs me more than someone who constantly complains about their life and just sits back and accepts it, doing nothing to change it. I am in control. YOU are in control.

Below you will find a list of all the ponies I will be selling (shipping is not included in these prices) as well as services I will be providing. I'm all but pimping myself out here, people. This is how bad I want this trip.

Brushables All of these ponies are the basic ones you could have found in the stores with nothing done to them but perhaps a mane-style. All will be $7
Derpy - cut and styled to be show accurate
Cheerilee - both forelegs down, mane cut and styled to be a bit more show accurate
Cherry Berry
Cherry Pie
Daisy Dreams with forelock
Dewdrop Dazzle
Diamond Rose
Vinyl Scratch
Flower Wishes
Lemony Gem
Lily Blossom
LuLu Luck
Mrs. Cake
Pinkie Pie (normal, glitter body, pink, black, and white hair)
Luna (Target Exclusive)
Rainbow Flash
Star Swirl
Starbeam Twinkle
Sunny Rays
Sunset Shimmer
Sweet Song (Target Exclusive)
Apple Bloom
Queen Chrysalis
Princess Cadance
Peppermint Twist
Shining Armor
Nightmare Moon

Brushables These ponies have been rerooted or had things added to them to make them more show accurate.
Applejack with forelock, painted hat and freckles - $13
Fluttershy rerooted to paler pink hair, cutie mark on both sides - $15
Rainbow Dash rerooted to be show accurate, slanted eyes - $15
Twilight Sparkle unicorn with show accurate paint job and hair - $35
Sweetie Belle rerooted and styled for show accuracy - $10
Scootaloo rerooted and styled for show accuracy - $15

Big Macintosh - $50
Pokey Pierce - $25
Dinky Hooves - $20
Doctor Whooves - $25
Pipsqueak - $25
Braeburn - $30
Lucky Star - (Twilight and Lucky Clover fanchild) - $20
Lucky Clover - $25
Princess Solara (Alicorn fanchild of FlutterMac) - $55
Anna (from Frozen) with knitted hat and mittens - $35

* I couldn't bear to part with my Elsa custom or the ones I've made of the Elementals from my book. Or Scribes, though I don't know who'd want her.

Simple Pony starts at $7
Mad Mac by phasingirl Ceilidh by phasingirl Applejack is startled by phasingirl

Busts start at $10
Light by phasingirl Human Twilight by phasingirl Usagi by phasingirl

Ponies w/background start at $20
First Date: Rarity and Thunderlane by phasingirl First Date: SoarinDash by phasingirl How to date a farm girl by phasingirl

Other Things

custom masks
Blood Moon 2 by phasingirl Twilight Sparkle 4 by phasingirl Phoebe in Wonderland 2 by phasingirl

Canvas Paintings
Sunset Cove by phasingirl Bridge View by phasingirl Blue Moon by phasingirl Dreams of Canterlot by phasingirl

Crochet Blankets
TARDIS blanket by phasingirl

Everything in this folder…

Also I have the first edition of Operetta from Monster High.

Please note me to discuss anything you might want to buy from this list. Also know I am open for any and all custom ponies you see in my Pony Mods gallery or something brand new!

I thank everyone in advance. If I manage to raise what I need to go I am going to all owe of you big time!
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This was fun! Hope I get to do it again sometime. I was on vacation when this came out and I didn't get to post it here, but now I am happy to share the link to my first interview!…
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Hey guys! The Kickstarter for the audio play of my book is finally live. Please donate if you can, also please please spread the word. I am not making anything off of this; it's all to pay my incredible actors and those who have contributed to this project. Thanks everyone in advance. You are wonderful!…
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