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Water Dragon Egg by phasingirl Water Dragon Egg :iconphasingirl:phasingirl 3 1 Cailin by phasingirl Cailin :iconphasingirl:phasingirl 1 6 Oceans by phasingirl Oceans :iconphasingirl:phasingirl 1 0 Forest Moonlight by phasingirl Forest Moonlight :iconphasingirl:phasingirl 6 10 Princess Twilight Sparkle by phasingirl Princess Twilight Sparkle :iconphasingirl:phasingirl 5 5
Only Love Can Make You New pt. 8
Teleportation was a strange thing. It was like your body was both exploding and imploding at the same time and, for just a fraction of a second, you felt like you were going to die. Sunset Shimmer could still remember the first time she'd done it. That familiar aura of teal magic surrounded her horn, her eyes squeezed shut in concentration as she thought about where she was and where she wanted to end up, then POP! As the years passed and she grew more adept at her craft, that dying feeling registered less and less until she didn't even feel it anymore. She was always aware of what was happening and was prepared for it. When the POP! happened this time, however, the teleportation had not been of her own volition and she felt, for just a second, she was going to die.
Reappearing among the stars didn't help convince her otherwise.
Above, all around, and below, space was her only companion. Sunset lifted her hooves, one by one to try and see what ground she stood on that felt so solid, bu
:iconphasingirl:phasingirl 2 2
Only Love Can Make You New pt. 7
It was hard to believe that Sunset Shimmer had been in Equestria for a week now. Her days had been so busy with the hustle and bustle of running around both Canterlot and Ponyville in search of certain ponies, that it felt like the time had flown by. When she woke up in the morning on her eighth day there, she found there was no longer that pit of dread in her stomach, only anticipation for what the day may bring. Today it wasn't about her. She'd sought forgiveness and offered it to almost every pony she'd originally set out to speak with and felt, perhaps for the first time ever, almost like she was whole. The biggest thing weighing her down now was Scribes, and how the pegasus was feeling.
The revelation from the night before that Scribes was used to feeling alone and invisible had struck a nerve. When Sunset was a filly, she'd carried those exact same feelings. She'd never known her parents, having been left outside an orphanage when she was just a foal, and had been so timid that t
:iconphasingirl:phasingirl 2 0
Sing, Sweet Nightengale by phasingirl Sing, Sweet Nightengale :iconphasingirl:phasingirl 5 2
Only Love Can Make You New pt. 6
It was late in the afternoon by the time Sunset Shimmer arrived back at Scribes' cottage far above Ponyville, under the shadow of Canterlot in the distance. She'd spent most of her day at the small home Lyra and Bon Bon shared, rekindling friendships that had almost been but now were on the path to being real bonds. As they ate the delicious peach pie Bon Bon had made, Sunset discovered all four of her new friends were all so different from each other, and really brought out the best in one another. Lyra was very much in tune with the emotions of all the other ponies in the room, always doing her best to make sure they were happy or, at the very least, not miserable. What Sunset used to see as her trying to fit in with everypony she met was now shown to be a very strong sense of compassion.
Amethyst Star was sarcastic and snarky, and was definitely the pony of the group who cared the least about what other ponies thought of her, or so it seemed on the surface. She later admitted that h
:iconphasingirl:phasingirl 2 2
Only Love Can Make You New pt. 5
When she was a filly, Lyra Heartstrings always had a look about her that suggested she was either plotting something, or was in on a joke no one else in the world understood. For that reason, among many others, Sunset Shimmer had an instant disliking for the younger unicorn. She was determined to be the best at everything herself, and that included having the upper hoof on everypony around her. Lyra's constant antics or, at the very least, allusions to antics, always made Sunset uneasy. They'd been forced to room together at school and the amber unicorn was vigilant in keeping an eye on Lyra. She didn't really care what the musical unicorn did, so long as it didn't effect her.
Though the room they shared was small, Lyra often had at least one or two friends over on a regular basis. They were all unicorns of course, what with them being in magic school, and annoying giggly and childish. Sunset had constructed a curtain for herself that she could shut to give her at least a small bit of
:iconphasingirl:phasingirl 1 2
Love Again
It was quiet in Lady Mary Crawley's room, a blessed reprieve from the voices of her family members all still discussing the horrible events of the day and the health of her father. If only the silence could permeate into her head and block out all the voices in her mind. She was shaken and unsettled, her current state only lending to her agitation. Mary was known for composure and self-control, yet as she raised a hand to take her earrings off, she could see herself shaking. Something inside of her wanted to cry, to weep for the loss of today and the loss her memory kept replaying over and over. She wanted to rage against the urges within her to seek comfort in another person. What good would it do her in the end but cause more heartache all around.
The door to her room opened and Mary startled, causing the young maid who entered to give a tentative little laugh. “I didn't mean to startle you, m'lady. I did knock.”
Mary shook her head distractedly. “It's all right, An
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Sunshine and Rain by phasingirl Sunshine and Rain :iconphasingirl:phasingirl 8 4 A Star is Born by phasingirl A Star is Born :iconphasingirl:phasingirl 6 0
Only Love Can Make You New pt. 4
Sunset Shimmer woke up to the smell of waffles and maple syrup drifting up to her from downstairs. She yawned and tried to scrub her hand over her eyes, but when it was a hoof that touched her face she gasped and nearly fell out of her bed. Wildly, she looked around, trying to get her bearings. Tossing back the covers, she launched herself from the bed without thinking and hit the floor with all four hooves. Noise that had been coming from below paused at the thud, and a sweet voice called, “Are you okay up there?”
For some reason the question and the voice were the very things to anchor her, to remind her what was going on. She was back in Ponyville, there to atone for her past mistakes, and she was staying with a pegasus mare called Scribes. Breathing out, Sunset looked down at her hooves and shook her head. “Get a grip,” she murmured, still trying to shake off the residual confusion. To Scribes she answered, “Fine. I'll be down in a minute.”
A min
:iconphasingirl:phasingirl 3 4
FOR SALE: Sweetcream Scoops by phasingirl FOR SALE: Sweetcream Scoops :iconphasingirl:phasingirl 9 0 Goodbye, Your Majesties by phasingirl Goodbye, Your Majesties :iconphasingirl:phasingirl 1 4

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Glass Half Full
We have a new cat now.
She streaks through the house
and sleeps in your old beds,
watching me from the rocking chair
as I habitually seek you out.
She's sweeter than you--
she sits in my lap
and plays with my fingers,
doll-faced and docile
against your angular independence.
I still search for you
amongst the cracks in my heart
as you slip like sand
deeper into the dark recesses
of my faulty memories.
I am always afraid
that my tears will ruin the circuitry
through which I access
our sunny afternoons and quiet nights,
and you will slip beyond me.
I did not hope for an afterlife
until I ran my fingers through your cold fur,
and understood why people find solace
in broken hymnals and new beginnings;
I miss my pessimism.
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Let's frost the world together! (Elsa and Jack) by Panda-neko-pyon Let's frost the world together! (Elsa and Jack) :iconpanda-neko-pyon:Panda-neko-pyon 3,559 132 Elsa Frozen by Niniel-Illustrator Elsa Frozen :iconniniel-illustrator:Niniel-Illustrator 4,468 188
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